Academic Clean Slate

Academic Clean Slate

Excelsior University strives to maintain academic integrity in our degree programs while still allowing flexibility for the adult population we serve. The academic clean slate gives the student the flexibility to start fresh when first enrolling in a degree program at Excelsior University.

An academic "Clean Slate" means that a student who has never been enrolled in Excelsior University or who has graduated from a degree program at Excelsior University and is returning for a new degree may have his or her Excelsior University grades removed from the My Academic Plan (MAP) and placed in the non-applicable section of the Excelsior University transcript. The non-applicable section appears below the credits applied toward the student’s degree. Credits that fall into a “Clean Slate” will be removed from all calculations of GPA and Satisfactory Academic Progress.

The Clean Slate policy applies to both successful and unsuccessful grades. Once the Clean Slate is applied to credits, they cannot be placed back in the applicable section of the transcript.

Students and advisors will work together to select the best credits to apply toward the student’s degree program before the student matriculates. Students have 30 calendar days from the date of the first sign-off on their My Academic Plan (MAP) to make any changes. Students for whom this is their first enrollment at Excelsior University may remove Excelsior University sources of credit.

Clean Slate may also be applied to any student who has taken Excelsior University sources of credit prior to Title IV Financial Aid eligibility (January 1, 2008). This Clean Slate is restricted to courses with a grade of F or W and exams with a grade of D or F. All other Excelsior University sources of credit must count toward a student’s academic record at Excelsior University.

In addition, a student who has been withdrawn for more than 5 years may appeal to Dean/Designee for a one-time only Clean Slate by Appeal . If a student is granted a Clean Slate by Appeal, they cannot apply for another Clean Slate by Appeal at a later date. Credits removed during a Clean Slate by Appeal may be applied to Satisfactory Academic Progress measures as outlined in the policy Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid.


Advisor will refer to the SIS status line to determine if the student is eligible for:

  • Clean Slate: The student is enrolling in Excelsior for the first time or has graduated and is re-enrolling in a new degree program.
  • Clean Slate Appeal: 5 years have passed since the student withdrew or graduated AND if the student has not had a Clean Slate by Appeal applied in the past.

Student may appeal in writing to the Dean (or Dean’s designee) of the school the student is applying to for the Clean Slate by Appeal.

NOTE: as per the Academic Probation Policy for Undergraduate Degree and Certificate Students, when an associate degree nursing student transfers to another school within Excelsior University, the initial evaluation for the new degree will include only associate degree nursing examinations posted on the student’s evaluation. For examinations taken prior to July 1, 2013, associate degree nursing examination failures are not posted unless it is the final attempt. Final attempt is defined as the point after which the student is not eligible to repeat the examination. All nursing examination attempts on or after July 1, 2013 are posted to the student record regardless of the grade earned.