Credit for Prior Learning Assessment Presented As Transfer Credit on Official Transcripts

Credit for Prior Learning Assessment Presented As Transfer Credit on Official Transcripts

Statement of Policy

Excelsior University awards credit for learning that current and prospective students have obtained through non-traditional sources, including but not limited to non-accredited educational programs, workplace training, professional development activities, certifications, examinations, and portfolio assessment. Such credit is termed Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit. This policy applies to PLA credit that appears on an official transcript from regionally accredited schools meeting the criteria of Policy 023 Recognition of Accredited Institutions and non-regionally accredited schools meeting the criteria of Policy 134 Transferring Credit from Non-Regionally Accredited Schools.

Sources of PLA credit that do not appear on an official transcript from an accredited school are not covered by this policy; please see applicable policies, as noted below:

  • Learning experiences evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE) or the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS): See policy 024.
  • Specific proficiency exams, such as CLEP, DSST, and UExcel: See policy 033.
  • Proficiency exams not mentioned in policy 033 or 024: See policy 047.
  • Training and credentials not evaluated by ACE or NCCRS: See policy 071.
  • Credits for teaching: See policy 020.
    Military education and training courses offered at the Medical Education and Training Campus (METC): See policy 067.
  • Military credit posted to a transcript from a regionally accredited institution: See Policy 046 Military Credit Awarded by Regionally Accredited Colleges.

Excelsior University will not accept transfer credit based on prior learning assessment if it is determined that the originating college has not provided sufficient information to justify applying that credit to the student's degree program or to permit Excelsior University to classify the credit. Excelsior University may accept transfer credit based on prior learning assessment if supporting documentation provided by the originating school is deemed acceptable according to current federal, state and accreditation standards.

To be considered acceptable, credit for prior learning must be transcribed as course analogs with specific course titles included. The credits on the issuing college's transcript are acceptable if listed as "P","CR," or letter grades.

Excelsior does not accept block credit, with an exception made for the acceptance of block credit for Law Enforcement prior learning. When law enforcement block credit is awarded for prior learning and the student presents additional course work in criminal justice, then the academic evaluator must obtain all relevant syllabi and program materials to ensure that the course work is not duplicative. It is not necessary to implement this policy if the law enforcement academy is listed in the originating college’s catalog as awarding degree applicable credit. Credit from law enforcement academies that are listed in block credit will not be applied toward Criminal Justice degree programs.

Implementation Schedule

This policy applies to all students who enrolled after April 1988. The procedure applies to any requests for any transcribed credit for prior learning, no matter when the student enrolled.