Extra-Institutional Learning

Statement of Policy

Excelsior College endorses the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) “A Statement to the Community: Transfer and the Public Interest” which is also endorsed by Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Excelsior College does not, however, guarantee acceptance of transcript credit that is based on institutional assessment of extra-institutional learning activities such as training or life or work experience.

Excelsior College reserves the right to require documentation from a college about the specific content of the learning that took place outside the college and the methods used to assess that learning. Excelsior College may not accept transfer credit based on such prior learning assessment if it determines that the originating college has not provided sufficient information to justify applying that credit to the student’s degree program or to permit Excelsior College to classify the credit. The College accepts extra-institutional credit transcripted as course analogs (with specific course titles included) but does not accept block credit.

The Academic Affairs Council recognizes an exception to the policy regarding block credit as prudent for law enforcement academies. The award of such credit must take into consideration concerns of duplication. When block credit is awarded for an Extra-Institutional Learning (EIL) and/or a degree applicable college course, and the student presents additional course work in criminal justice for evaluation, then the advisor must obtain the curriculum/syllabi for the law enforcement academy to ensure that the course work does not duplicate the credit awarded for the law enforcement academy. Also in terms of law enforcement academies, it is not necessary to induct the EIL process if the academy is listed in its college catalog as awarding degree applicable credit. The credits on the issuing college’s transcript are acceptable if listed as “P”,”CR”, or letter grades. Finally, credit from academies that are listed in block credit will not be applied toward Criminal Justice majors.

Excelsior College’s catalogs include documentation required for any military experience that has been evaluated by the American Council on Education and for courses sponsored by non-collegiate institutions. Official documentation of all credit-bearing experience is required.

This policy applies to all students who enrolled after April 1, 1988.