Non-Collegiate Sources of Credit

Statement of Policy

Non-collegiate learning experiences must be evaluated and recommended for college credit by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (National CCRS) or the American Council on Education (ACE College Credit Recommendation Service – CREDIT), Center for Lifelong Learning.

The non-collegiate learning experience must have been successfully completed during the time period for which credit was recommended by the National CCRS or ACE CREDIT. When organizations decide to terminate participation in either program, the company becomes “inactive.” Course recommendations are given an ending date and the company is “dropped” from the next guide or directory publication. Excelsior College accepts the inactive recommendations provided they are listed on the National CCRS and ACE CREDIT websites.

In most cases, these courses are offered only to employees or members of the sponsoring organization and are not usually available to the general public. In all cases, Excelsior College students should not enroll in these courses for the purpose of obtaining degree credit without first contacting their advisors to be sure the credit will apply to their degree programs. Employees should consult their training offices to find out if their organizations have, or plan to have, any of their course offerings evaluated for college credit.

Course descriptions and credit recommendations for eligible courses are located in the following publications available at the specific institution’s website:

The Excelsior College School of Nursing will limit acceptance of credit from these sources to 25% of the general education component toward the degree requirements, and no credit from these sources will be accepted for core requirements. Excelsior College nursing graduates who were awarded credit toward the degree from these sources will be able to apply those credits to another nursing degree providing they meet degree requirements. Acceptance of credit earned from military training, CLEP®, and DSST examinations will not be limited (for students who enroll after October 1, 2012).


Students seeking credit for National CCRS or ACE CREDIT must have official transcripts/documents submitted to receive credit.

To request National CCRS documentation contact the office within the organization responsible for administering the National CCRS evaluated non-collegiate learning experiences. Students need to request that an official transcript/documentation of the experiences they have successfully completed be sent to Excelsior College Office of the Registrar, 7 Columbia Circle, Albany, NY 12203-5159. The official transcript/documentation will enable Excelsior College to verify successful completion and the dates of attendance.

To request an ACE CREDIT transcript (preferred documentation) contact the ACE Transcript Service, American Council on Education, One Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C. 20036-1193, (phone: 202-939-9434).

Transcripts/documentation submitted in a sealed envelope mailed directly from the company on company letterhead or in an approved transcript format are also acceptable.

The transcript/documentation must have an original signature and a date not more than one year old.

Photocopies of training records or transcripts are not acceptable.