Posting Credits to the Official Transcript

Statement of Policy

Excelsior College’s support of lifelong learning includes a method to record and report a student’s accumulated college credit on a single document for employment and educational purposes.

Once matriculated, the student is not allowed to delete credits from the initial status report. Only credits applied toward the Excelsior College degree are listed on the status report and in the body of the transcript. The academic advisor will not approve a student for graduation if the student has an “I” grade in an Excelsior College course.

The final record of credits applied to the degree will be approved by the Board of Trustees at degree conferral and becomes the body of the student’s official transcript. No previously awarded credit will be removed from Excelsior College transcripts if students re-enroll for additional degrees.

Graduates and enrolled degree program students have the option to request the addition of non-Excelsior college-level credits to the non-applicable section of the official transcript. Only college-level credit from the list of approved sources of credit will be considered. The addition of this credit will not affect the Excelsior College Overall GPA or Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements.

No credits submitted after degree conferral may be used to replace credits originally used to complete the degree requirements. No evaluation for duplication or degree requirements (e.g., specialization, major, concentration) will be conducted after degree conferral. Once credits are added to the non-applicable section of the transcript they may not be removed.


Requesting credits to be added to the non-applicable section of the transcript:

Enrolled students: Requests to include non-Excelsior College credit not applied to the student’s degree program on the official transcript must be made in writing to the Office of the Registrar. Other than the transcript request fee, there is no fee for currently enrolled students and those who are Specialist Approved (SA) for graduation up until two weeks prior to degree conferral.

Specialist approved and graduates: Excelsior College® Examinations, UExcel® Exams and courses completed after the student is approved for graduation are automatically listed on the transcript in the non-applicable section and no transcript update fee is charged.

Specialist approved students less than 14 days prior to conferral or graduates after conferral: A completed Transcript Update Request Form or written request and fee must be submitted when requesting that new and/or non-applied credits completed outside of Excelsior College be included. A fee will be charged for each transaction. More information can be found on our Office of the Registrar page.