Returned Checks, Charge Backs, and Payment Plan Delinquency

Statement of Policy

Excelsior College accepts student payments in the form of cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover.

When checks are returned from a bank unpaid, or a charge back notice is received from a credit card company, it is the policy of the Bursar’s Office to collect the delinquent payments. The Assistant Bursar handles charge backs. A Student Accounting Specialist handles returned checks.


Bad Check Processing

Our bank forwards to the Bursar’s Office all unpaid (returned) checks received on the Excelsior College account. The Bursar’s Office notifies the student in writing, about the unpaid check. A 30-day time period is allowed for a student to replace a returned check. A hold is placed on the student’s account and all services are suspended during this time period.

Students who have a returned check for payment of a course may continue in the course. A hold will be placed on their student records, which will prohibit them from receiving a course grade or transcript until the returned check and the returned check fee are replaced.

When a returned check is received an entry is made in the student’s Student Information System (SIS) record. The returned check fee, using AR codes BC (Bad Check) and BCC (Bad Check Charge), is assessed.

Once payment for a returned check has been received in the form of a certified check, cashier’s check, money order, or an active authorized credit card (MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, or Discover), the Bursar’s Office will post it to the student’s account and remove the hold that was placed on the account.

Charge Card Charge Back Processing

Paymentech requests information from Excelsior College when credit card charges are questioned by a student.

Copies of all pertinent information regarding the charge are sent to Paymentech to defend the position of Excelsior College.

The information provided to Paymentech is consistent with FERPA policies.

Paymentech will make a decision about the credit card charge and notify Excelsior College.

The Bursar’s Office staff will make appropriate adjustments to the student account in a timely manner.

Payment Plan Delinquency

A student whose initial Nelnet payment fails will not be enrolled in Excelsior College, or registered for an Excelsior College course, exam, or performance exam.

Active payment plan participants (active participants are students whose first initial payment went through) who miss a subsequent monthly scheduled payment will have a payment reattempted on the next scheduled withdrawal day (5th or 20th). If that payment attempt fails, a third and final attempt will be made on the next payment date. If the third attempt fails, the payment plan will be terminated.

Students whose payment plans have failed will have a “FS_PMT_PLN – Fiscal Hold – Payment Plan Block” flag placed on their account. This flag will not allow new payment plans to be set up. When the payment plan balance has been met, this block can be removed. The Bursars Office reserves the right to keep the block in place for those students that have had more than one payment plan failure.

Students that are withdrawn from the Nelnet payment plan for the Multi-Source Fee will be withdrawn from Excelsior College with a code of WF. Their account will be adjusted to waive two thirds of the total enrollment fee, if the student has not received an evaluation. Students receiving an evaluation will have 30 days to pay the entire balance in full. If payment in full is not received within 3 months of their withdrawal, their account will be turned over to a collection agency.

Students that are withdrawn from the Nelnet payment plan for the Student Service Annual Fee (SSAF) will be withdrawn from the College with a code of WP. They will have 30 days to pay the entire balance due for the SSAF. Students who fail to pay the balance due for the SSAF within 30 days, will have 3 months from the date of their withdrawal to pay the balance due for the SSAF, plus the current Reactivation Fee. If the three month time frame is not met, the student will forfeit whatever payments they have made toward the SSAF, and will be required to re-enroll.

Students that are withdrawn from the Nelnet payment plan for an Excelsior College course will be allowed to remain in the course, but will not receive a course grade or transcript for the course until the balance is paid in full.

Students that are withdrawn from the Nelnet payment plan for an Excelsior College® Examination will be given 30 days to pay the entire balance due for the exam fee. If the balance is not received within 30 days they will forfeit any payments made toward the exam. Please note that students using the Nelnet payment plan are not registered for an exam until the exam fee is paid in full.

Students that are withdrawn from the Nelnet payment plan for the Clinical Performance in Nursing Exam (CPNE®) are notified that they will lose their CPNE exam date if the balance due is not paid within 30 days of being notified of the failed payment plan.