Course Number: BUS499


This capstone course integrates all fields of business. Students will draw on their awareness of the body of business knowledge and competencies to solve business problems. The purpose of the course is to integrate the learning achieved in individual business courses taken to earn a business degree, professional competencies needed in the workforce, and action planning for life-long learning. The knowledge and competencies acquired in accounting, finance, operations, information technology, marketing, management, and ethics will be utilized to study the strategic management of an organization. Students will participate in a simulation experience that requires taking into account multiple decision-making factors used in business and analyzing the industry and environment. A capstone project will be developed and presented to faculty and industry experts.

Textbooks are generally not required for this course.  However, course materials may update in a given term prior to registration opening.  Students should therefore always review course material requirements and associated costs at our bookstore for the term in which they are registering.

Prerequisite: This course requires prior completion of all core business courses. As you start this integrative course in business, you are expected to already possess an understanding of accounting, finance, marketing, economics, management, strategy, and ethics. You should be familiar with computer applications and quantitative analysis.

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Section Format Hours Level Term Length
30072165 Online 3.0 Upper August 8 weeks
30072167 Online 3.0 Upper October 8 weeks
30076076 Online 3.0 Upper January 8 weeks
30076077 Online 3.0 Upper March 8 weeks
30076664 Online 3.0 Upper May 8 weeks
30076665 Online 3.0 Upper June 8 weeks
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